Indonesian man killed seven meters python was badly wounded exhausted when hospitalized

On October 4, 2017, Indonesia encountered on the way home from work to a man in a 23 feet long (about 7 meters) of python, after some struggle, the man killed the python, oneself also injured, is in the hospital for treatment.According to the metropolis daily reported Thursday, Robert napa class (Robert Nababan) is a security guard palm plantations.In Indonesia, he said, the northwest in Riau (Riau) on my way home, he saw two men been intimidated by a giant snake.He went to him for help.”I tried to hold it.But it bit my arm, and we fight for a while.”When the napa classes to explain what had happened to him in a hospital bed, his family tried to asked reporters to leave the hospital, but in the end the Indonesian media reports or the epic “people smugglers war”.The man won the battle, and killed the snake, although no one knows how did he do it.It is reported that his left arm and hand was seriously injured.When he was hospitalized, exhausted, shows that he battled with the snake has lasted for a long time.The snake’s body like a clothesline hangs in his village, there are some children playing on the above.According to the specimen, the hapless python may belong to the checker python.In the guinness book of world records is called a “Medusa” (Medusa) checkered python, its length of 25 feet 2 inches (7.7 metres).According to Indonesian media reports, in March, an Indonesian man was found dead in the abdomen of similar python.(the original title: Indonesian man killed seven meters python was sent medical injury has exhausted) source: netease news

Liaoning province pledges inspect bureau spot check food in plastic tool product percent of pass is 100%

Quality news dispatch in the second quarter, China’s liaoning province bureau of quality and technical supervision of provincial food produced in plastic tool product quality supervision and spot check, the selectived examination 23 food with plastic tools production enterprise production 30 batches of the product, after inspection, all batches of qualified.The supervision and spot check according to GB 18006.1 2009 plastic disposable tableware general technical requirements, QB\/T 1870-1993 plastic cutting board, QB 1999-1994 “the melamine plastic tableware” and other national standards and related requirements, to the product of evaporation residue, potassium permanganate consumption, heavy metal (Pb), decolorizing test, formaldehyde monomer migration amount, senses, antimony and so on has carried on the inspection.2016年辽宁省食品用塑料工具产品质量监督抽查结果汇总表 序号企业名称企业所在地产品详细名称规格型号生产日期\/批号抽查结果不合格项目1沈阳市科苑塑料制品厂沈阳市聚丙烯饮用吸管210mm*Φ6mm2016-4-20符合本次监督抽查要求 2沈阳金宇吸塑包装有限公司沈阳市塑料一次性餐具(盒盖)Φ107mm2016-4-22符合本次监督抽查要求 3沈阳泰盛包装制品有限公司沈阳市一次性塑料餐饮具(塑料杯)350ml2016-4-18符合本次监督抽查要求 4沈阳市苏家屯区龙华炊具厂沈阳市密胺塑料餐具YB-32015-11符合本次监督抽查要求 5沈阳市新百容塑料包装厂沈阳市塑料一次性塑料餐具(塑料碗)200ml2016-3-30符合本次监督抽查要求 6沈阳尚威塑料制品有限公司沈阳市一次性塑料杯180ml2016-3-6符合本次监督抽查要求 7沈阳市昌正包装制品有限公司沈阳市一次性餐饮具(塑料杯)170g2016-4-2符合本次监督抽查要求 8沈阳市裕达吸塑包装有限公司沈阳市塑料一次性餐饮具(塑料托盘)145*77*42(mm)2016-4-25符合本次监督抽查要求 9大连森兴箸业有限公司大连市一次性塑料餐饮具(勺)160mm2016-4-20符合本次监督抽查要求 10大连航川塑胶科技有限公司大连市一次性塑料餐饮具(吸管)(610)100-180mm2016-4-19符合本次监督抽查要求 11大连圣杰塑料制品有限公司大连市一次性塑料餐饮具(盒)120*120*40(mm)2016-4-1符合本次监督抽查要求 12大连圣杰塑料制品有限公司大连市一次性塑料餐饮具(盒)195*195*70(mm)2016-3-30符合本次监督抽查要求 13大连永昌塑料餐具有限公司大连市密胺塑料餐具105*50(mm)2016-1-25符合本次监督抽查要求 14大连度世塑料制品有限公司大连市一次性塑料餐饮具160mm2016-3-28符合本次监督抽查要求 15大连新友谊塑料制品有限公司大连市一次性塑料餐饮具(托盘)215*130(mm)2016-1-10符合本次监督抽查要求 16大连新友谊塑料制品有限公司大连市一次性塑料餐饮具(托盘)215*130(mm)2016-1-25符合本次监督抽查要求 17大连佳兴塑料有限公司大连市一次性塑料餐饮具(盘)191*128*25(mm)2016-4-8符合本次监督抽查要求 18大连友航塑料包装有限公司大连市一次性塑料餐饮具(托盘)180*125(mm)2015-12-25符合本次监督抽查要求 19大连友航塑料包装有限公司大连市一次性塑料餐饮具(托盘)110*110(mm)2016-1-20符合本次监督抽查要求 20海城市林泰高科技包装有限公司鞍山市一次性塑料餐饮具(塑料盖)四格内扣盖2016-5-4符合本次监督抽查要求 21海城市林泰高科技包装有限公司鞍山市一次性塑料餐饮具(塑料盒)四格餐盒2016-5-1符合本次监督抽查要求 22海城市林泰高科技包装有限公司鞍山市一次性塑料餐饮具(塑料托盘)19122016-5-1符合本次监督抽查要求 23抚顺亲亲食品工业发展有限公司抚顺市果冻杯36g装2016-4-25符合本次监督抽查要求 24辽阳市星火聚氨酯有限公司辽阳市一次性塑料(PP)水杯400ml2016-3-1符合本次监督抽查要求 25灯塔市鑫达塑料包装制品有限公司辽阳市一次性塑料餐饮具(塑料盖)100*50(mm)2016-4-15符合本次监督抽查要求 26灯塔市鑫达塑料包装制品有限公司辽阳市一次性塑料餐饮具(塑料桶)100*502016-4-15符合本次监督抽查要求 27灯塔市铧子镇铧夏塑料盖厂辽阳市一次性塑料餐具(塑料盖)85*85(mm)2016-4-3符合本次监督抽查要求 28灯塔市铧子镇铧夏塑料盖厂辽阳市一次性塑料餐饮具(塑料桶)85*85(mm)2016-4-3符合本次监督抽查要求 29铁岭优可思食品有限公司铁岭市食品用一次性塑料杯180ml2016-4-21符合本次监督抽查要求 30开原兴华纸塑制品有限公司铁岭市塑料杯(塑料一次性餐饮具)480ml2016-4-1符合本次监督抽查要求

6 kinds of paper cups products use performance is poor

Paper cups easy to use, health, is biodegradable, accord with the requirement of green environmental protection, in recent years, favored by the consumers.Recently, the general administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine on the paper quality country selectives examination, selectived examination in Beijing, hebei, liaoning, Shanghai, jiangsu, zhejiang, hubei and other 7 provinces, municipality directly under the central government 61 products manufactured by enterprises in the 42, via detecting unqualified 53, product sampling percent of pass is 86.9%.Spot check result shows that large enterprises attach importance to product quality, complete test equipment, production strictly in accordance with quality system requirements, workshop do character separation, into the workshop before changing clothes, hand washing, even if is also required for visitors, the products are accord with a standard to ask.But also found some quality concerns, such as some of the simple and crude production environment, the small business is not standard, etc.The spot check product quality is embodied in the following aspects: paper cups of microbial indicators all inspection results qualified, but there are two products detected fluorescent material the spot check health indicators according to the GB11680-1989 the food wrapping paper, hygiene standards, the coliform group specified in the standard, all kinds of intestinal pathogenic bacteria and pathogenic bacteria (staphylococcus aureus, hemolytic streptococcus, salmonella, hayes bacteria) are not checked out.But Beijing jinri JiTong trade co., LTD. And Beijing’s paper products co., LTD production of two products detected fluorescent substances, does not accord with a standard to ask.Products using performance needs to improve the quality in selectiving examination have 6 kinds of products in the use of performance falls below, there are four kinds of products is unqualified, stiffness of the body of two products is leaking.Stiffness of the body of the unqualified paper cups with the hand holding up very soft, pour water or drink, end up severe deformation even when they end up, affect the use.The poor is the main reason of the unqualified raw materials, use of base paper quantitative low and thin.Small enterprises to reduce costs, the use of quantitative lower base paper production of paper cups, same weight of base paper produced more the number of paper cups, cost was reduced, of each cup twice with a cup of stiffness of the body.Leakage or porous paper cups after pour into water, water will be from joint or the bottom of the cup leakage or seepage, this product cannot be used.The unqualified reason is paper cup is not fully in the process of machining the joint adhesion, lead to leakage or water seepage.Part of enterprise standards confusion paper cups as early as in 1998 started the implementation of industry standard QB\/T2294-1997 “cups”, health indicators execution GB11680-1989, food wrapping paper, hygiene standards.In the selective examination found that some small businesses don’t know paper cups and industry standards, developed its own enterprise standards;Some enterprises with plastic cup standard production of paper cups;Some enterprises producing paper cup by the standards of the boxes;Some enterprises health indicators of paper cups products implement “the health standard for disposable sanitary products”, but different products for the purpose of its use is different, the control of hygiene standards and the use of performance indicators are also different, such as GB11680-1989 “the health standard for food packaging paper,” except with microbial indicators for specification, also to heavy metals, fluorescence material and so on all have specific requirements, so, according to the standard of disposable sanitary products for paper cups production obviously doesn’t work.Small paper cups production enterprises to strengthen product quality inspection ability of paper cup production equipment in China have all localization, tens of thousands of yuan can invest in a production line, and the equipment cover an area of less, so attracted a large number of small factories.While most of these manufacturers are only one or two lines of small enterprises, does not have its own test equipment, can’t do to monitor every batch of products, is led to the product quality problems.

Grinding machine of tool of 350COMBI ExcoDress numerical control

    The grinding machine of tool of numerical control of 350COMBI Exco Dress that the company produces Agedu is to be on the foundation of grinder of 350 COMBI numerical control, increased electrochemistry device of nap of online emery wheel. This grinder can machine inscribed circle diameter from fluctuation makings from 4.8 ~ 50.8mm but dislocation razor blade, inscribed circle diameter is more than the razor blade of 80mm to need to expect up and down artificially. This grinder can be machined get together brilliant diamond (PCD) , cubic nitrogen changes boron (CBN) , cermet and hard alloy razor blade, machine tool rotate speed is minutely 2350 ~ 12400 feet. Grinder deserves to have clean a system, worry good bit with Yu Qingjie.

Numerical control of K-C33 tall nicety is all-purpose round grinder of inside and outside

Measure the K-C33 that makes personally for broad China user only, basically use at medium or small the sheet of norms workpiece produce with large quantities of quantities. All design program of K-C33 and workmanship come from Switzerland Situte company, have quality tall, utility much, efficiency is advanced advantage. K-C33 tip is apart from cent to be 650mm and 1 000mm two kinds, those who apply to medium dimension workpiece is odd a production or batch production. In the meantime, it is very easy that modular design makes a machine tool OK through choosing different accessory configuration realizes different grinding job. Si Laifu faces K-C33 to use moulding ” V ” smooth slideway structure. Slideway surface Fu has the wear-resisting material S200 of patent technology, can ensure although the machine tool is in high accuracy still maintains below the circumstance of feed and high load amain.

Si Laifu faces grinding software to use icon type process designing, interface friendly, operation is handy, even if the handlers with scant experience still can the performance that very fast play gives machine tool place to have.

The prospective market of accessory of the machine tool in the analysis whether catch up with foreign character

This ability promotes an industry to develop further. Long-term since we are insufficient to functional component attention, incompetent on functional component make very hard a step, the functional part that buys abroad can make our industry lacks competition ability only.

Driving market demand is pulled move, made extensive of industry of tool of machine tool of within the country have the situation of flourishing of free of produce and sale, industry of machine tool accessory also is with might doubled under powerful and prosperous demand, do all one can is ongoing. Industry of component of function of our country move is local born and bred nation industry, having 40 old development histories, although the industry is small (many about 60 enterprise) however one is approve from on century 60 time ” grow in ” of encounter of whole nation of accurate machine tool the mainstay business that rise.

Market of accessory of homebred machine tool is popular

The last few years, follow national economy not to develop in disorder quickly, of equipment manufacturing industry revitalize and technology of whole manufacturing industry is increased into class and demand of national defence modernization, pull in what fixed assets invests to grow more quickly move below, market of tool of accessory of our country machine tool appears produce the state that wants two flourishing, representing equipment manufacturing industry to raise the numerical control machine tool of elder level to produce is to multiply more situation and go up. Plus the company of a batch of newborn that in last few years extensive has, industry competition is more and more intense, we should provide the competitive environment of a good fairness for industry of machine tool accessory.

Follow the development of machine tool industry, industry of machine tool accessory is essential have the product that covers suitably to it, want to be able to follow to go up the foot of machine tool industry, competition of machine tool industry is intense, competition of industry of machine tool accessory also is intense, but malign competition will bring darkness to the industry eventually, industry of machine tool accessory is badly in need of fair benign competition.

The favorable environment that industry of machine tool accessory grows

The functional component of our country machine tool admittedly from ” small ” , ” form a complete set ” the position promotes to a high office ” hub post ” be faced up to, but it is to be in all the time ” heavy lead plane, light form a complete set ” , “Small land of the seas and oceans ” boat of travel of the against the current in such big environment, hardship grows.

Accessory of Yantai round-the-world machine tool exhibits grand ginseng machine tool of Chinese numerical control

As domestic graduation kind norms of breed of machine tool accessory the company with the most complete, the biggest scale of production — Yantai round-the-world group will enter exhibition of machine tool of numerical control of the 7th China ceremoniously, extend a date: D-D805, welcome new old friend to arrive at guidance.

Come a few years, limited company of group of accessory of Yantai round-the-world machine tool assumed 5 early or late ” machine tool of high-grade numerical control and foundation make equipment ” science and technology is great and special, assumed ” machine tool of 2012-2014 high-grade numerical control uses numerical control revolving stage and technology of key of industrialization of numerical control tool carrier to develop application ” great and special.

Saline Shan Aokai has the honor to win Heibei to omit machine tool attachment preeminent company honorary title

A few days ago, in the selection activity that by Chinese machinery organization of Joint Industry Conference develops, shan Aokai company has the honor to win salt ” Heibei machinist job is excellent enterprise ” title.

In recent years, company of saline Shan Aokai is below the leader of company Party committee, administration, with ” 3 delegates ” serious thought is guidance, with ” character creates future ” , ” make high-quality goods of accessory of homebred machine tool ” wait for a concept to be mixed for development direction struggling target, digest actively absorb experience of international business management and standard, use the working method such as PDCA, 5W1H, it is the jumping-off place of the action and stay dot with client satisfaction from beginning to end, ensure make each grab into high-quality goods.

2012 this one ” 925 ” drive the key of the bureau year, the company will be mixed with excellent product quality efficient after service, win the support of global client ceaselessly, start the tomorrow with homebred brilliant grab with indefatigable effort.

Liaoning is provincial first are covered shut type class got offline into modular compressor at 4 o’clock

On July 14, the 1S4 that finite liability company prepares battalion mouth forging press, shut type 1250 tons class entered modular compressor to get offline successfully at 4 o’clock, this product is I save a stage to cover shut type class entered modular compressor at 4 o’clock.

1S4, shut type 1250 tons class entered modular compressor at 4 o’clock by machine tool of battalion mouth v foundation of finite liability company supplier of class A of one steam masses — assemble of Bai Shan city is mechanical the demand of production limited company, half an year of last a period of time is own research and development, make and become. This compressor is to shut type the core facility that class took modular compressor product line at 4 o’clock, overall weight 360 tons, power of the biggest punch 1250 tons, use at the automatic and efficient treatment of car component, index of each main technique parameter, function all reachs home banner, international is advanced level.

Compressor is the important equipment of auto industry, 80% produce by compressor punch to the car component of 90% . Current, the manufacturing mode of spare parts of our country punch is to apply much stage press to machine ability to shape for many times mostly, craft precision and treatment efficiency are low. And 1S4, 1250 compressor are OK many mould is used to machine many component continuously on same table compressor, manufacturing efficiency is former 2 to 3 times, have automatic, efficient, compound change, treatment precision is tall and the advantage such as stability, the development trend that reflected equipment of current world punch and advanced level.

Compressor of 10 thousand tons of large die forging develops blank of fill home technology successfully

The success of the heavy equipment such as machine of drawing of aluminium board tension develops compressor of 80 thousand tons of large die forging and 10 thousand tons of form, fill domestic aviation domain is large and crucial the technology of figuration of whole of serious important condition is blank; Whole set of box of large fuel lay aside solders the development that equips to use 5 successfully at long march to wait for new generation carrier rocket, first demonstrative product line that introduces homebred machining center and center of numerical control turning was built in spaceflight domain, already applied at project of month of new generation carrier rocket, visit to wait for the treatment of complex component of more than kinds of 100 more than 10000 key, gained remarkable economic benefits and social benefit. The industrialization effect that figuration of numerical control v equips is distinct, among them the car is large enclothed a product line of efficient and automatic punch to achieve international banner level, home market is had rate more than 70% , global market is had rate more than 30% .

Of Chinese machine tool and equipment industry ” aircraft carrier ” the travel before trying water, false with time, chinese machine tool and equipment industry ” gigantic naval vessel ” in the globalization spring tide of economy of will alive bound with the wind wrestle billow.