Compressor of 10 thousand tons of large die forging develops blank of fill home technology successfully

The success of the heavy equipment such as machine of drawing of aluminium board tension develops compressor of 80 thousand tons of large die forging and 10 thousand tons of form, fill domestic aviation domain is large and crucial the technology of figuration of whole of serious important condition is blank; Whole set of box of large fuel lay aside solders the development that equips to use 5 successfully at long march to wait for new generation carrier rocket, first demonstrative product line that introduces homebred machining center and center of numerical control turning was built in spaceflight domain, already applied at project of month of new generation carrier rocket, visit to wait for the treatment of complex component of more than kinds of 100 more than 10000 key, gained remarkable economic benefits and social benefit. The industrialization effect that figuration of numerical control v equips is distinct, among them the car is large enclothed a product line of efficient and automatic punch to achieve international banner level, home market is had rate more than 70% , global market is had rate more than 30% .

Of Chinese machine tool and equipment industry ” aircraft carrier ” the travel before trying water, false with time, chinese machine tool and equipment industry ” gigantic naval vessel ” in the globalization spring tide of economy of will alive bound with the wind wrestle billow.