Grinding machine of tool of 350COMBI ExcoDress numerical control

    The grinding machine of tool of numerical control of 350COMBI Exco Dress that the company produces Agedu is to be on the foundation of grinder of 350 COMBI numerical control, increased electrochemistry device of nap of online emery wheel. This grinder can machine inscribed circle diameter from fluctuation makings from 4.8 ~ 50.8mm but dislocation razor blade, inscribed circle diameter is more than the razor blade of 80mm to need to expect up and down artificially. This grinder can be machined get together brilliant diamond (PCD) , cubic nitrogen changes boron (CBN) , cermet and hard alloy razor blade, machine tool rotate speed is minutely 2350 ~ 12400 feet. Grinder deserves to have clean a system, worry good bit with Yu Qingjie.