Liaoning is provincial first are covered shut type class got offline into modular compressor at 4 o’clock

On July 14, the 1S4 that finite liability company prepares battalion mouth forging press, shut type 1250 tons class entered modular compressor to get offline successfully at 4 o’clock, this product is I save a stage to cover shut type class entered modular compressor at 4 o’clock.

1S4, shut type 1250 tons class entered modular compressor at 4 o’clock by machine tool of battalion mouth v foundation of finite liability company supplier of class A of one steam masses — assemble of Bai Shan city is mechanical the demand of production limited company, half an year of last a period of time is own research and development, make and become. This compressor is to shut type the core facility that class took modular compressor product line at 4 o’clock, overall weight 360 tons, power of the biggest punch 1250 tons, use at the automatic and efficient treatment of car component, index of each main technique parameter, function all reachs home banner, international is advanced level.

Compressor is the important equipment of auto industry, 80% produce by compressor punch to the car component of 90% . Current, the manufacturing mode of spare parts of our country punch is to apply much stage press to machine ability to shape for many times mostly, craft precision and treatment efficiency are low. And 1S4, 1250 compressor are OK many mould is used to machine many component continuously on same table compressor, manufacturing efficiency is former 2 to 3 times, have automatic, efficient, compound change, treatment precision is tall and the advantage such as stability, the development trend that reflected equipment of current world punch and advanced level.