Numerical control of K-C33 tall nicety is all-purpose round grinder of inside and outside

Measure the K-C33 that makes personally for broad China user only, basically use at medium or small the sheet of norms workpiece produce with large quantities of quantities. All design program of K-C33 and workmanship come from Switzerland Situte company, have quality tall, utility much, efficiency is advanced advantage. K-C33 tip is apart from cent to be 650mm and 1 000mm two kinds, those who apply to medium dimension workpiece is odd a production or batch production. In the meantime, it is very easy that modular design makes a machine tool OK through choosing different accessory configuration realizes different grinding job. Si Laifu faces K-C33 to use moulding ” V ” smooth slideway structure. Slideway surface Fu has the wear-resisting material S200 of patent technology, can ensure although the machine tool is in high accuracy still maintains below the circumstance of feed and high load amain.

Si Laifu faces grinding software to use icon type process designing, interface friendly, operation is handy, even if the handlers with scant experience still can the performance that very fast play gives machine tool place to have.