The prospective market of accessory of the machine tool in the analysis whether catch up with foreign character

This ability promotes an industry to develop further. Long-term since we are insufficient to functional component attention, incompetent on functional component make very hard a step, the functional part that buys abroad can make our industry lacks competition ability only.

Driving market demand is pulled move, made extensive of industry of tool of machine tool of within the country have the situation of flourishing of free of produce and sale, industry of machine tool accessory also is with might doubled under powerful and prosperous demand, do all one can is ongoing. Industry of component of function of our country move is local born and bred nation industry, having 40 old development histories, although the industry is small (many about 60 enterprise) however one is approve from on century 60 time ” grow in ” of encounter of whole nation of accurate machine tool the mainstay business that rise.

Market of accessory of homebred machine tool is popular

The last few years, follow national economy not to develop in disorder quickly, of equipment manufacturing industry revitalize and technology of whole manufacturing industry is increased into class and demand of national defence modernization, pull in what fixed assets invests to grow more quickly move below, market of tool of accessory of our country machine tool appears produce the state that wants two flourishing, representing equipment manufacturing industry to raise the numerical control machine tool of elder level to produce is to multiply more situation and go up. Plus the company of a batch of newborn that in last few years extensive has, industry competition is more and more intense, we should provide the competitive environment of a good fairness for industry of machine tool accessory.

Follow the development of machine tool industry, industry of machine tool accessory is essential have the product that covers suitably to it, want to be able to follow to go up the foot of machine tool industry, competition of machine tool industry is intense, competition of industry of machine tool accessory also is intense, but malign competition will bring darkness to the industry eventually, industry of machine tool accessory is badly in need of fair benign competition.

The favorable environment that industry of machine tool accessory grows

The functional component of our country machine tool admittedly from ” small ” , ” form a complete set ” the position promotes to a high office ” hub post ” be faced up to, but it is to be in all the time ” heavy lead plane, light form a complete set ” , “Small land of the seas and oceans ” boat of travel of the against the current in such big environment, hardship grows.