6 kinds of paper cups products use performance is poor

Paper cups easy to use, health, is biodegradable, accord with the requirement of green environmental protection, in recent years, favored by the consumers.Recently, the general administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine on the paper quality country selectives examination, selectived examination in Beijing, hebei, liaoning, Shanghai, jiangsu, zhejiang, hubei and other 7 provinces, municipality directly under the central government 61 products manufactured by enterprises in the 42, via detecting unqualified 53, product sampling percent of pass is 86.9%.Spot check result shows that large enterprises attach importance to product quality, complete test equipment, production strictly in accordance with quality system requirements, workshop do character separation, into the workshop before changing clothes, hand washing, even if is also required for visitors, the products are accord with a standard to ask.But also found some quality concerns, such as some of the simple and crude production environment, the small business is not standard, etc.The spot check product quality is embodied in the following aspects: paper cups of microbial indicators all inspection results qualified, but there are two products detected fluorescent material the spot check health indicators according to the GB11680-1989 the food wrapping paper, hygiene standards, the coliform group specified in the standard, all kinds of intestinal pathogenic bacteria and pathogenic bacteria (staphylococcus aureus, hemolytic streptococcus, salmonella, hayes bacteria) are not checked out.But Beijing jinri JiTong trade co., LTD. And Beijing’s paper products co., LTD production of two products detected fluorescent substances, does not accord with a standard to ask.Products using performance needs to improve the quality in selectiving examination have 6 kinds of products in the use of performance falls below, there are four kinds of products is unqualified, stiffness of the body of two products is leaking.Stiffness of the body of the unqualified paper cups with the hand holding up very soft, pour water or drink, end up severe deformation even when they end up, affect the use.The poor is the main reason of the unqualified raw materials, use of base paper quantitative low and thin.Small enterprises to reduce costs, the use of quantitative lower base paper production of paper cups, same weight of base paper produced more the number of paper cups, cost was reduced, of each cup twice with a cup of stiffness of the body.Leakage or porous paper cups after pour into water, water will be from joint or the bottom of the cup leakage or seepage, this product cannot be used.The unqualified reason is paper cup is not fully in the process of machining the joint adhesion, lead to leakage or water seepage.Part of enterprise standards confusion paper cups as early as in 1998 started the implementation of industry standard QB\/T2294-1997 “cups”, health indicators execution GB11680-1989, food wrapping paper, hygiene standards.In the selective examination found that some small businesses don’t know paper cups and industry standards, developed its own enterprise standards;Some enterprises with plastic cup standard production of paper cups;Some enterprises producing paper cup by the standards of the boxes;Some enterprises health indicators of paper cups products implement “the health standard for disposable sanitary products”, but different products for the purpose of its use is different, the control of hygiene standards and the use of performance indicators are also different, such as GB11680-1989 “the health standard for food packaging paper,” except with microbial indicators for specification, also to heavy metals, fluorescence material and so on all have specific requirements, so, according to the standard of disposable sanitary products for paper cups production obviously doesn’t work.Small paper cups production enterprises to strengthen product quality inspection ability of paper cup production equipment in China have all localization, tens of thousands of yuan can invest in a production line, and the equipment cover an area of less, so attracted a large number of small factories.While most of these manufacturers are only one or two lines of small enterprises, does not have its own test equipment, can’t do to monitor every batch of products, is led to the product quality problems.