Indonesian man killed seven meters python was badly wounded exhausted when hospitalized

On October 4, 2017, Indonesia encountered on the way home from work to a man in a 23 feet long (about 7 meters) of python, after some struggle, the man killed the python, oneself also injured, is in the hospital for treatment.According to the metropolis daily reported Thursday, Robert napa class (Robert Nababan) is a security guard palm plantations.In Indonesia, he said, the northwest in Riau (Riau) on my way home, he saw two men been intimidated by a giant snake.He went to him for help.”I tried to hold it.But it bit my arm, and we fight for a while.”When the napa classes to explain what had happened to him in a hospital bed, his family tried to asked reporters to leave the hospital, but in the end the Indonesian media reports or the epic “people smugglers war”.The man won the battle, and killed the snake, although no one knows how did he do it.It is reported that his left arm and hand was seriously injured.When he was hospitalized, exhausted, shows that he battled with the snake has lasted for a long time.The snake’s body like a clothesline hangs in his village, there are some children playing on the above.According to the specimen, the hapless python may belong to the checker python.In the guinness book of world records is called a “Medusa” (Medusa) checkered python, its length of 25 feet 2 inches (7.7 metres).According to Indonesian media reports, in March, an Indonesian man was found dead in the abdomen of similar python.(the original title: Indonesian man killed seven meters python was sent medical injury has exhausted) source: netease news