Prospective paper value is to continue to drop or rebound rise, the market already was divided into bright two cliques!

Drop of valence, paper value considerably as near future waste paper, the problem that the papermaking, industry that pack reveals sends grow in quantity more. Analytic orgnaization walks along the view of situation to also be divided to prospective paper value for two cliques, one clique thinks to suffer demand effect, paper value will continue to drop, one clique thinks to suffer useless quota is less outside be being added newly with Qiu Dong seasonal environmental protection is restricted to produce policy to drive, paper value or will rebound.

By October, waste paper price steeps fall, paper value becomes loose, on November 7, jiu Long depreciates 200-1000 yuan / ton, involve Tianjin dragon of nine of Jiu Long, Dongguan, too the base such as Cang Jiulong; On November 14, jiu Long depreciates once more, fall in 200-600 yuan / ton, involve a variety of paper such as bovine paperboard, coated paper, white paperboard to plant; On November 21, jiu Long’s ox blocks sea otter ox to block Tubu card of ox of Niu Kabai face falls 500, card of ox of second birth of earthworm of earthworm ox card falls 600, corrugated paper falls 500, white paperboard falls 300!

According to recent market information, corrugated paper price is at present top drop amount to 2000 yuan / ton above. With top price breaks through 6200 yuan before this / ton photograph comparing, paper value already was in 4000 yuan / ton drift up and down. Be aimed at this kind of circumstance, many trade public figures consider as market demand to be shifted to an earlier date to overdraw, bring about order to be not worth be caused by.

But at the same time also somebody offers new point of view, manager of plant of some 2 class represents Hua Na district, although waste paper price fall drove paper price drop, but also benefit at promoting profit margin, even if price drops continuously, for profit of years whole 2017 to the paper mill, also calculate what to get.

This manager still thinks, what real interest is damaged is the enterprise that pack, a lot of 2 class factories the store up before this a large number of base paper, after paper value steeps fall, the paper that purchases at high price is about in an instant low moves, those who go out is more, those who have a deficit is more, but have to go out again. 3 class factory because the product is coessential,change, bargain ability is weak wait for an element, rise in price conduct lag, the message of base paper price fall one get about, terminal user depreciates with respect to requirement synchronism, industry profit is compressed serious.

As to prospective paper value go situation is particular how, at present trade public figure and analytic orgnaization cent are two cliques:

One clique thinks paper value continues be issued to lower levels, if paper product analyst thinks, inside short time, suffer demand effect, price of base paper of rows of tiles on a roof or will continue firm in have falling prices; Because base paper demand is low,confuse, waste paper price or continuance concussion dish rectify situation.

One clique thinks paper value or will rebound, be like light industrial industry analyst thinks, four quarters are new useless quota is less outside adding, appear similar in October of the middle ten days of a month considerably possibility of increase sharply circumstance is inferior. Together with environmental protection superintends hasten tight situation to won’t be changed basically, overlay publishs environmental protection of autumn winter season more to be restricted to produce policy, these elements will be formed to the price prop up.

And in the 3rd quarter, paper value was experienced ” a day of one price ” prices, company of much home papermaking publishs newspaper of money of the 3rd quarter in the near future, vest in appears on the market profit of company shareholder net reverses times growth compared to the same period, integral outstanding achievement grabs an eye.

If morning cries paper industry, odd season of the 3rd quarter realizes income 8.18 billion yuan, grow 37.1% compared to the same period, vest in appears on the market the net gain of company shareholder 966 million yuan, grow 57.1% compared to the same period. Be like industry of hill eagle paper again, the 3rd quarter realizes income 4.923 billion yuan, grow 60.6% compared to the same period; Net profit 605 million yuan, grow 959.6% compared to the same period.

The main reason that its profit grows considerably, cannot leave produce and sale of the 3rd quarter naturally to measure promotion, product to rise in price wait for an element. Specific can return for at 3 o’clock: Papermaking industry value conducts a mechanism faster, waste paper price rises drive value of finished product paper to rise; Environmental protection superintendency strength is all-time 2017 increase, small plant reduction of output even stop production makes general appearance, supply quantity decreases; Overdraw because of shifting to an earlier date demand, make demand of the 3rd quarter soars, industry whole appears to seek state for be less than.

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Zhengzhou Lei exhibits an autograph to make an appointment with flourish of Kunming red star and paper industry to produce per year project of 500 thousand tons of wrapping paper

On December 4, 2017, communicate through many rounds of technology and communicate, zhengzhou Lei exhibits papermaking machinery and flourish of Kunming red star and paper industry limited company is in Yunnan Kunming, lot order LOCC of oar line processing amounts to 1600 tons / the complete set of the day makes oar equipment contract.

Zhengzhou Lei exhibits Liu Jiantao of general manager of paper machine instrument (left) with Kunming flourish and Liu Kairong of paper industry president (right) cooperate hand in hand again

An equipment of main body of the line that make a starch all exhibit machinery to offer by Zhengzhou Lei, contain face thick liquid catenary board conveyer, D hydraulic broken oar machine breaks continuously solution system, bottom oar comes loose to wrap and turn one class divides system of engine of bosomy broken oar, Gao Nong 2 paragraphs broken bits implement system, riddle choosing system, classification before processing system, essence chooses system and net, flow send the complete set such as system, caustic paper system, propeller to make oar equipment.

This system that make a starch belongs to concentration to make a starch, can give day of the PM1 between paper engine to produce 900 tons of 3 kraft paper that fold a net at the same time / machine of T paper paper (5400/800m/min) produce corrugated paper of excel in of 600 tons of odd fourdrinier wire with PM2 day paper machine (5600/800m/min) the oar material that provides admirable qualification.

In the past, technology of be enslaved to be enslaved to reachs treatment level, the waste paper of single-track a complete set of that homebred equipment assumes makes the yield of the oar can have bigger difference with entrance equipment, and the project that Lei exhibits this autograph to make an appointment with, since Yunnan saves the biggest wrapping paper project, also homebred equipment single track waste paper of the biggest a complete set of makes an oar produce can 500 thousand tons when with one action rises / year, created new industry record.

Build project general situation

Project name: Limited company produces per year flourish of Kunming red star and paper industry project of project of paper of 500 thousand tons of second birth

Build a place: Board of district of garden of industry of county of fine of Kunming city appropriate and box paperboard include load division

Build an unit: Flourish of Kunming red star and paper industry limited company

Build content: The project always invests seven hundred and sixty-four million four hundred and twenty-three thousand three hundred yuan. The project builds 2 product line, produce per year second birth paper 500 thousand tons, project produces per year product line of paper of 300 thousand tons of kraft, T 1, produce per year product line of corrugated paper of 200 thousand tons of excel in 1

Lei exhibits company of paper machine instrument to be located in Zhengzhou new close city, be be engaged in waste paper technically making oar papermaking whole set of equipment design, make, the enterprise of the sale. Existing employee 200 more than person, among them project technology personnel 50 much people, lei exhibits company major development to carry on material equipment, dry method chooses equipment, broken oar equipment, before choosing the equipment, slag removal equipment, equipment that grind an oar, net, flow send wait for complete set equipment.

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Hua Li is packed battalion closed 2016 exceed 200 million, hang out one’s shingle make over valence to have 7000 only unexpectedly much

A few days ago, the reporter learns from bourse of Beijing property right, on December 15, group of overseas Chinese city makes over Hua Li to pack with hanging out his shingle seventy-one million eight hundred and eight thousand eight hundred yuan (benefit city) limited company 85% equity. Hua Li is packed (benefit city) limited company held water 2008, scope of operations is the corrugated fibreboard of standard of production, treatment, management international and paper box, other product that pack; Oneself manufacturing facilities is rented etc. Subsidiary promotes group of overseas Chinese city to always invest limited company to hold 100% .

2016, business income is the company of mark two hundred and twenty-nine million three hundred and ninety-two thousand three hundred yuan, net profit is five million one hundred and fifty-seven thousand six hundred yuan, possessory rights and interests is sixty-five million two hundred and seventy-nine thousand nine hundred yuan; Up to on September 30, 2017, business income is the company of mark two hundred million eight hundred and twenty-six thousand two hundred yuan, net profit is ten million two hundred and fifty-eight thousand one hundred yuan, possessory rights and interests is seventy-five million five hundred and thirty-eight thousand yuan. Live abroad city expresses, to optimize business structure further, realize strategic transition,

It is early at the beginning of July 2017, overseas Chinese city (Asia) accuse a limited company to announce, the company plans to pass through the publicity that will combine property right bourse to begin at Shanghai to hang out one’s shingle program, sell meantime receives the 100% equity that Hua Li of wholy-owned and accessary Shanghai packs. The audit report 2016 shows Shanghai China encourage: Business income of 2016 year company is one hundred and two million nine hundred and seventeen thousand three hundred yuan, business profit – three hundred and seventy-five thousand two hundred yuan, net profit five hundred and seventy-two thousand seven hundred yuan; Total assets one hundred and sixty-one million five hundred and eighty-three thousand five hundred yuan, always be in debt nineteen million and forty-four thousand four hundred yuan,

According to the strategic program of overseas Chinese city, city of overseas Chinese of new strategy period will more focusing at travel industry, develop through buying conformity to accelerate tourism Wu, and have the aid of is accelerated at the means of operation of small capital fund to the business dilate beyond overseas Chinese city. Landed business side, strong collaboration of Yu Jiang of have the aid of, strategy is allied, a of overseas Chinese city will accelerate the turnover rate of the project further; In the meantime, carry on town of group of overseas Chinese city turns the short smooth fast project in business, assume the strategic role of the person that land value comes true. Packing paper the industry to come off quickly also is his the one part of current and main strategy, but with 7000 hang out his shingle more make over a battalion to control the company that surpasses 200 million yuan, also have a place really ” discount extent ” the interest with large pretty.

(original title: Battalion received Hui Zhouhua encourage last year exceed 200 million, group of overseas Chinese city hangs out his shingle make over valence to have this number only unexpectedly! )

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2017 country newspaper supplies newspaper of very close abroad in succession market of race to control

Domestic newspaper total output was 1.5 million tons about 2017, drop than 2016 300 thousand tons, fall for 16.7% , because domestic newspaper supplies insecurity, foreign newspaper enters market of Chinese race to control in succession, import volume is ambitious 2016 level of the corresponding period. Demand side, because sign up for what trade advertisement manages to glide and circulation drops, newspaper appears decrease piece, shrink the edition, circumstance that reduces an amount, cause newspaper to purchase a quantity to continue to drop.

Reporter from 2017 goods and materials of Chinese cable industry supplies the data that obtains on annual meeting to show, in newspaper offices of 107 generous of family expenses paper, measured what increase than 2016 to have 26 with paper 2017, scale is 24.3% ; Reductive has 72, scale is 67.3% ; 9 keep balance, scale is 8.4% . These 107 newspaper offices are 962 thousand tons always 2016 with paper quantity, it is 899 thousand tons always 2017 with paper quantity, reduced 63 thousand tons than 2016 2017, drop 6.5% .

This kind changes, live with traditional media whole environmental happening change has inevitable connection. To the current situation of newspaper industry, secretary-general of association of Chinese cable trade conceives good luck analyse to point out why, because sign up for trade advertisement, issue drop substantially, newspaper demand decreases, plus newspaper manufacturing cost rises substantially, newspaper price is in continuously low wander, get into trouble of industry of our country newspaper, many enterprises in succession in order to change the line of production, stop production, be restricted to produce will answer ” manufacturing newspaper is inferior to stop production newspaper ” situation.

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Quality of 5 kinds of consumable obtains fish result

Came in May 2017 in October, whole nation of organization of qualitative check total bureau is saved 30 times (area, city) quality technology supervisory bureau (the market supervises management department) , began 5 kinds of daily expense such as soft mattess of bedding, bedspring, children and infant dress, wooden furniture, bumf to consume category linkage of product quality whole nation is supervised selective examination. Supervisory bureau of technology of relevant and provincial quality (the market supervises management department) organize lawfully finished linkage to supervise selective examination working job, announce to the society selective examination result.


This second selective examination discovery, the main problem that rejected product exists has gross of bacterial bacterium colony, pliability, dust to spend a project unqualified.

Via examining, have number of bacterium colony of 4 batch bacterium unqualified, 3 batch pliability is unqualified, 1 batch dust is spent unqualified.

Nearly 5 years, bumf country supervises selective examination percent of pass is respectively: 91.5% , 97.5% , 97.2% , 99.4% with 98.4% .

Linkage of whole nation of bumf product quality was supervised 2017 selective examination unqualified list

“Lean ” paper mill, “Eat ” paper mill, can ” eat ” ?

The ancients is told ” not pocket the money one picks up ” , the road sees rough, unplug knife photograph is aided, mao Chen of the area austral filial piety of city of feeling of Hubei province filial piety presses down village of the East China Sea some does not aid a Li Mou of 60 years old of aunts not only, still had turned round again ” disclose ” one knife. Recently, administration of the substation austral filial piety detains to fool grab state-private and financial woman.

Nearly a few months, be located in Mao Chen to press down add of add of the land other some paper mill by 107 nations line to truck driver calls the police say: Its berth awaited the waste paper that enters a paper mill to sell to be stolen in roadside, it is all round the grandma of the village, occasionally they collect waste paper on the ground, take the advantage of a person to be pulled on board directly carelessly occasionally, the most serious one a packet big waste paper is pulled in the evening smooth.

Actually of these berth is old freight car, the driver also works, drive at ordinary times painstaking, because this midnight queues up to wait in paper mill doorway, sleep incidentally, alleviate fatigue. Do not show sympathy not only all round, when still taking the advantage of a person to sleep secretly fool the paper that grabs others. Some villagers see truck stop changed crooked state of mind, feel OK ” lean ” paper gets rich, carrying bag in turn the car buys paper, sell waste paper gains profit. Some drivers saw fool the person that grab, loud reprimand fools the person that grab, also do not have action, even some aunts say: “I rely on paper mill, I have paper mill, what to eat this to eat? ” .

After Mao Chen police station gets clue again, collect video data actively, secure testimony, hind will will fool the person administration that grabs property to detain lawfully, the evil wind evil influence with seasonable reap without sowing awe, purify social environment. “Lean ” paper mill, “Eat ” paper mill, can ” eat ” ? “Eat ” it is paper, desertion but ” conscience ” .

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